What level of cover do I need?

There are many elements to be considered when choosing the right level of medical insurance cover. Firstly, do you want a policy that covers an individual, a couple, or a family?

Every insurance policy will have a specified limit on the total cost of treatment and care that can be accessed each year. There may be a number of conditions that are excluded from cover. For each new claim there is usually an excess - an amount you pay towards the costs.

When you obtain a quote, the prospective insurance company will want to know the age, occupation, medical history and lifestyle of those requiring cover as well as information about hobbies that might influence the risks of injury such as regular participation in competitive sports.

Best value guaranteed.

Some policies may not cover certain conditions stemming from the jobs or hobbies of those seeking cover.. If you take part in active or dangerous pastimes frequently, or have employment with a high risk of injury, you might need expert advice to enable you to choose a policy that has the appropriate level of health insurance cover.

As your lifestyle changes, perhaps through marriage and the birth of children, you need to review your health insurance cover.  Our advisors have access to all the UK's major insurance providers as well as to policies and plans that are not generally available to all insurance brokers. We can also offer you an annual check to reassure you that you are still benefitting from the best value cover available for your specific circumstances.