What's not covered?

When it comes to selecting a private medical insurance policy, one essential element is knowing what's not covered as well as what is covered.

Pre-existing conditions - an injury or health problem you had before you took out the policy - are frequently not covered by standard health insurance policies. If you have a health problem you will need to source a policy that is tailored for these circumstances.

A lot of standard policies also do not cover treatment overseas or healthcare linked with chronic, long term conditions or incurable illnesses.

Many insurance policies exclude costs of treatment related to self-inflicted injuries; normal pregnancy; fertility problems; sterilisation; cosmetic surgery and HIV or AIDS.

If you want insurance cover for dental treatment you will need a specialist dental insurance policy.

Insurers usually ask lifestyle questions at some stage in the insurance application process and they will not generally cover costs related to illness or injury arising from lifestyle choices that you make, such as consumption of drugs or alcohol.

Standard private medical insurance will not necessarily cover you for treatment if you are diagnosed with cancer. For many people the ability to access private consultations, surgery and treatment quickly, without waiting for appointments on the NHS, is important and specific medical insurance policies are available which provide cancer cover.

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