Switching Health Insurance Providers

Why would you want to switch health insurance provider? Possibly you want to change to a new insurer as a way of saving money or improving the level of cover you receive. Some people are covered by a company policy - but lose that benefit if they retire or change jobs. Maybe it is time to renew your insurance policy and you think that your plan is no longer adequate for your needs?

Whatever the reason for you considering a change of health insurance provider, it is a good idea to seek expert, impartial advice.

Best value guaranteed.

Our advisors are 100% independent and not tied to any company or specific insurance products. Talk to them to make sure you are making the right decision when you want to switch providers. They can make switching policies an easy process.

To start the procedure, just fill in the Contact Us form on this website and we will call you back. Our advice is free and comes with no obligation to act on our recommendation.

We will need to take the medical history and personal details of all those you want covered by the policy. You may have to complete a short questionnaire depending on the information you give. We need to take these steps  to make sure you have a true understanding of the benefits provided.

A major factor in switching your provider will be if there are pre-existing medical conditions. Usually private health insurance does not cover these but, reliant on the underwriting approach, there can be exceptions to this rule.  

We do not need to view previous insurance cover and in a lot of situations the arrangements can be made during the call and, if necessary, the policy can start straight away. Switching really can be that straightforward and easy.