Private medical insurance comparison

Although cost is important it should not be the only factor when you are comparing private medical insurance policies.

Ensuring the right level of cover for your family's healthcare needs, in the event of an accident or illness, is essential.

Once you have decided to make a private medical insurance comparison you need to take into account not only the risks against which you want to insure but any excess you may want to pay along with factors such as specific conditions, lifestyles, medical histories, ages and jobs of the people you want to be insured.

Because our partners have more than 30 years' knowledge and expertise in the private medical health insurance comparison sector, and good working relationships with all the country's top providers, you are in safe hands with Health Insurance Quote. We are completely impartial and independent - not linked to any companies or products.

Best value guaranteed.

The advice you receive from our expert advisers will be straight forward and clear. Their hunt for suitable policies will also take in new products in the sector and policies not always available through the majority of insurance brokers.

Medical insurance covers the cost of private treatment, generally focusing on short-term curable conditions. A monthly premium that you pay ensures that you can get swift access to tests, advice from specialists and rapid treatment in private rooms. There will usually be a stated limit to the costs and the aim is to get the insured patient back to full health as quickly as possible.

More specialist cover, perhaps for children or aid with treatment costs if you were found to be suffering from a chronic or long term illness, must be factored in during any private medical insurance comparison.

This is why we devised Health Insurance Quote; it enables you to find the top policies in the UK health insurance marketplace quickly, easily and securely so allowing you to make an informed judgement. Detailed advice on your quote will also be available from our qualified advisors.