Private Medical Insurance

We are fortunate in the UK to have a National Health Service, funded by taxes, which is free to all at the point of delivery through our GPs and hospitals. Lives are saved through the NHS every day - but it is fact of life that some people have to wait longer than they would wish for certain tests, to see a consultant or to receive surgery or other treatment.

This is why many people choose to enjoy greater peace of mind and reassurance by taking out private medical insurance. As the average person now lives longer, there is an increasing likelihood that many of us will need treatment to improve our quality of life at some stage.

Our partners have more than 30 years' experience of working with the UK's biggest and best health insurers. This means we can provide quotes for the best products for your needs at the best prices. The no obligation quote is followed up by free, impartial advice from expert staff. It's the most effective way of accessing the best policies available in the massive health insurance sector today  and it saves you money and time.

Best value guaranteed.

By choosing to use private medical insurance alongside NHS services you can add an extra level of assurance. If you are unable to be treated when you want to be, because of waiting times in the NHS, you can cut that delay by using your insurance cover.

If you take out a private policy you remain eligible for NHS treatment. Accident and emergency services, for instance, are not available at many private hospitals. So it is clear to see that an additional medical insurance policy works with the NHS - it does not replace it.

By using private medical insurance you avoid the worry and concern of waiting for a consultation or surgery. Stress can sometimes worsen your condition by leading to distress and depression. The state of a patient's mind can have a major affect on their recovery from illness.

A private medical insurance plan is a way of making certain that your family can get the best treatment, speedily, should anything happen. Also, as medical costs rise in the NHS certain drugs are only available privately because of their price tag.