Private health insurance UK

Private health insurance allows you to avoid NHS waiting lists by covering the cost of private medical treatment. It is designed to work alongside the NHS, but give an additional level beyond the service the UK population can use through GP practices and NHS hospitals.

Private health insurance allows you more freedom over where and when you receive tests, consultations with a specialist or treatment. Private hospital facilities also tend to afford a greater degree of privacy and comfort.

Individual health policies will of course vary but most allow for your GP to refer you to a private specialist. Many comprehensive insurance policies cover short-term curable illnesses, diseases and injuries and their treatment and aftercare, Some policies may only cover surgery and consultancy costs for the period during which you are in hospital. Other personal health insurance plans will cover outpatient treatment or clinic visits as a day patient. Hospital admission does not always follow a GP referral, so cover for outpatient and day treatment may be a better option.

Best value guaranteed.

This is an area where impartial, expert knowledge would be of benefit to ensure that the private health insurance policy you have chosen is the correct one for your situation. You will want a policy for your family and lifestyle and that is where our service comes into its own by offering you a policy tailor-made to your needs.

To ensure you get the cover you require at the best value, we search the UK private health insurance sector. Our advisors will talk you through all the options and they can also provide a mediation service, in the unlikely event that it is needed with your insurance company.

Many general UK policies do not cover you for injuries resulting from participation in dangerous sports or extreme pastimes. It is also common not to be covered for treatment for conditions from which you were suffering before you took out the policy. If you do require specialist policies, speak to us about your needs.