Making a claim

Everyone hopes they never need to make a claim on their health insurance policy, but if you do you can be sure that all the companies we work with will make the claims process as easy and stress-free as possible.

Always read your policy document to make sure you follow the correct procedure, but in most cases the process will start with a visit to your GP. He or she will tell you if you need to see a consultant or another healthcare professional. At this point you should advise your GP that you have private medical insurance cover in place which you wish to use.

After discussing options with your GP, you should call your insurance company and check that your policy covers you for the treatment you need. It will speed up the call if you have your policy number to hand along with information such as the date when you first experienced symptoms, or injury, and what your GP has advised.

The company will tell you about any paperwork you may need to complete and tell you more about what will happen next in the claims process.

Once your insurer has confirmed that your policy covers you, they will usually issue you with a pre-authorisation number. You can give this number to the consultant or healthcare professional when you contact them to arrange an initial private appointment at the date and time that suits you and at your chosen location.

The bill for your treatment will be sent directly to your insurance company who will pay the cost for you. In some instances the invoice is sent to you, and you forward it on to the company.