The HIQ Difference

Why choose Health Insurance Quote?

Our customers will testify that there are three big benefits:

  • We offer the largest selection of health insurance providers in the UK today;
  • We are independent experts with more than 30 years' experience in the health insurance sector;
  • Our service is free.

You can compare and save on private health insurance with confidence if you deal with HIQ.

Our service provides you with the capability to compare private health insurance from all the major UK providers to find the private health cover that fits your needs and your purse - and it's all here, through one website.

Best value guaranteed.

Searching for the best quotes from medical insurance brokers can be confusing and tedious. But HIQ has provided all the information to help you swiftly sift through the benefits of private health cover along with a means to simply access the cover you require

It's quick and easy to get an instant Health Insurance Quote with us, backed by personal advice from our experts.

We all hope that we never need to use our policies- but for future family protection and your own peace of mind,  private health insurance makes sense. Nobody knows what lies around the corner, but you can make sure that you and your loved ones can quickly get the best treatment, at the best cost, if and when you need it with quality UK medical insurance.