The benefits of Health Insurance

Health insurance works by giving you a guarantee of cover for the costs of care within the UK private medical sector in return for payment of a monthly premium.

The main benefits of health insurance are:

  • Fast access to specialist medical experts who can carry out tests, diagnosis and treatment;
  • No need to sit on an NHS waiting list;
  • Choice over where and when you access treatment, tests and surgery;
  • Greater comfort and privacy than the facilities on standard NHS hospital wards;
  • 24-hour help lines providing advice and support;
  • Follow-up treatments, such as physiotherapy.

As insurance policy terms can vary it is important to make your choice based on the widest selection  of providers and policies. Some illnesses and medical conditions, along with certain treatments, are not eligible under some policies.

Best value guaranteed.

Our partners have 30 years' experience in this sector and can search all the major UK providers to find the best match for your individual needs. We search the UK health insurance marketplace to find the policy with the specialised benefits of health insurance that you require.

Most standard and comprehensive medical insurance policies cover curable short term medical conditions such as diseases, illnesses and injuries that occur after the policy is started.

Through our independent health insurance comparison website you can gain speedy, secure, free and no obligation quotes to cover a range of policies: individual policies; policies for couples; specialist policies for children; family health insurance; critical illness plans that cover you for long term, chronic or terminal conditions.

All these options are backed by impartial expert advice and consultation to enable you to reach an informed decision on the right policy for your needs at the best cost.

Some policies also provide advice and help on cultivating a healthy lifestyle, and include excess clauses where you agree to pay a contribution to the costs of treatment in return for a lower monthly premium. We can guide you through all the options to ensure that you receive best value.